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How to Find New Releases for Netflix Watch Instantly

12. January 2011


Netflix has a great plugin for Windows Media Center.  In my opinion it is th best interface for Netflix’s Watch Instantly catalog.  The onlt drawback is it can be difficult to browse for a movie without being overwhelmed. Netflix really needs to add a “Most Popular” view in their Watch Instantly interface.  It would help […]

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Using Dropbox to Manage Multiple Media Centers

10. December 2010


About a week ago I started using Dropbox to sync files between multiple computers at work and at home. DropBox is a great way to manage multiple media centers.  For someone like me, who runs Windows Media Center on 3 computers, making sure the latest files for Media Browser etc are running on all three […]

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PowerDVD Ultra 9 First Impressions

2. March 2009


So you want to watch Blu-ray movies on a computer? Then PowerDVD Ultra 9 is the program for you. The latest version of Cyberlink’s media player, at a cost of $99, is all about high definition movies and Blu-ray, plugging the hole left Vista’s lack of native Blu-ray support. PowerDVD Ultra 9 is a solid […]

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How to Prioritize Tuners in Vista MCE

2. May 2008

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I have been looking for a way to prioritize my tuners in Vista Media Center. Why do I want dictate which tuner is used as the default? Mainly to avoid digital rights management. I currently use the HDHomerun as a QAM tuner to receive unencrypted HD channels on my computer. This tuner allows me to […]

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MyMounter Plugin: Mount an ISO Image in Media Center

26. March 2008


With Cyberlink’s PowerDVD Ultra no longer playing hard drive based HD movies from ripped HD-DVDs and Blu-ray discs, the only way to watch such movies is to “mount” an ISO image of the disc and then watch it using PowerDVD. Not an easy thing to do while in Vista Media Center. MyMounter, brought to you […]

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List of Vista SP1 Media Center Fixes

24. February 2008


Vista Service Pack 1 fixes several items in Media Center. This Service Pack is more an incremental step in the evolution of Media Center and not the next leap in features. Besides a roll-up of hot fixes, SPI adds the following features: Adds support to enable new types of Windows Media Center Extenders, such as […]

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How CableCard DRM Benefits Microsoft

29. November 2007


SageTV has been adding all sorts of media center features to its product line, including clear QAM support and HD media extenders. They are completely out-innovating Microsoft. With all the features they are delivering, there is one lingering problem: SageTV does not support digital cable tuners and CableCards (i.e. cannot watch.record premium HD cable content). […]

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Clear QAM | Make Your Own HD Box Sets of Your Favorite Programs

7. November 2007


Did you know that your cable company most likely provides your local HD channels via clear QAM (i.e. without encryption)? The availability of these channels, through what is know as Clear QAM, is usually not too publicized by your cable company. Clear QAM essentially is unencrypted digital cable without a set-top-box. The digital signal comes […]

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Turning Your Xbox 360 into a Media Extender

1. November 2007


Extremetech has an article on how to turn your Xbox 360 into a media extender. As I have mentioned before, the Xbox 360 is the only version 2 media extender to work with Vista’s Media Center. From the article: Once you’ve configured the Xbox 360 and your PC, you can share almost any media on […]

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XBox 360 Arcade | Best Media Center Extender?

24. October 2007


Microsoft has announced details on the new Xbox 360 Arcade, the replacement to the initial Xbox 360 Core. The Arcade will retail for $279.99, which will be cheaper than the announced price of several stand alone media center extenders. It makes you wonder how media center extenders are going to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. […]

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