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List of Vista SP1 Media Center Fixes

24. February 2008


Vista Service Pack 1 fixes several items in Media Center. This Service Pack is more an incremental step in the evolution of Media Center and not the next leap in features. Besides a roll-up of hot fixes, SPI adds the following features: Adds support to enable new types of Windows Media Center Extenders, such as […]

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Inteset Adds Quad CableCard Support to Denzel Server

27. November 2007

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Another company has added themelves to the list of companies selling media center computers that support up to 4 digital cable tuners: Inteset. From CEPro: With four CableCard tuners, the Inteset server can distribute to up to 5 media center extenders with four Live TV streams and one pre-recorded stream. At $300 a piece, 4 […]

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Turning Your Xbox 360 into a Media Extender

1. November 2007


Extremetech has an article on how to turn your Xbox 360 into a media extender. As I have mentioned before, the Xbox 360 is the only version 2 media extender to work with Vista’s Media Center. From the article: Once you’ve configured the Xbox 360 and your PC, you can share almost any media on […]

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XBox 360 Arcade | Best Media Center Extender?

24. October 2007


Microsoft has announced details on the new Xbox 360 Arcade, the replacement to the initial Xbox 360 Core. The Arcade will retail for $279.99, which will be cheaper than the announced price of several stand alone media center extenders. It makes you wonder how media center extenders are going to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. […]

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Vista Media Center Extenders | Can they save you money?

29. September 2007


Several companies announced this week upcoming releases of the second generation of media center Extenders. For $300, you can get an Extender that has a wireless Internet card and can play Divx files from your computer. While expensive, it is cheaper than an Xbox 360, especially if you need the wireless network connection. Extenders make […]

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Microsoft Releases Extender Update for Media Center

26. September 2007

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The next generation of Extenders should be available before the end of the year. Extenders are any device that let you stream content from a Vista Media Center computer. If done right, Extenders could make a whole home system much easier. With the impending release of the second generation fo Extenders, Microsoft has released an […]

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HP Releases MediaSmart TVs | Support Divx and XVid

10. September 2007

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Several months ago, HP made news by discontinuing one of their popular HTPC line of computers. One reason they discontinued that line was because of the impending release of MediaSmart TVs. Basically MediaSmart TVs are high definition TVs with a media extender built into the TV. The most interesting feature of MediaSmart is that Divx […]

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Are Pika and Media Center Extenders delayed by Xbox 360?

30. May 2007


The Xbox 360 will be the only viable media center extender until this holiday season. For those of you not familiar with media center extenders, Microsoft explains them as follows: Windows Media Center Extender Technology (or “MCX Technology”), code named “Pika,” is platform-independent software that will enable home network connected consumer electronics devices to deliver […]

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Xbox 360 Elite geared towards high definition

30. March 2007


Microsoft announced this week the release of the Xbox 360 Elite. For $480, you can buy a supercharged version of the Xbox 360, with a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cable and a 120 GB hard drive. These features are not geared towards gamers, but rather are an attempt to make the Xbox more attractive as […]

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