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Emusic is insane for reducing download allotments

10. November 2006


I am a loyal Emusic subscriber. That being said, I think the company has gone completely looney. On November 21st, 2006, Emusic will be reducing its monthly download allotments for new accounts. While the price of eMusic Basic, Plus, and Premium subscription plans will remain the same, the number of downloads in each plan will […]

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Support artists, not the RIAA, by downloading concerts at

2. November 2006

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In my search for DRM-free songs (with lossless compression too!), I recently came across, an online distribution website for concert downloads of some pretty prominent recording artists. For almost the cost of a Ticket Master transaction fee, you can download a DRM-free album of the specific concert you wanted to attend. Not too bad […]

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Metallica repents, offers free concert downloads

1. November 2006


I am a big fan of artists providing music DRM-free and in a lossless format. More and more artists are doing this. In my search for DRM-free music, I came across Metallica’s website and was surprised to find free concert downloads. If you remember, Metallica had always been reticent and digital and online music. In […]

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Why my audio server does not run Linux

31. October 2006


My goal is to get rid of Windows XP on my audio server and manage all of my digital media using Linux, most likely Ubuntu. Linux is appealing to me because I can run my server without having to purchase another version of Windows XP. There is also a certain level of “coolness” in having […]

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3 ways for Emusic to gain market share

26. October 2006


iTunes dominates the digital music arena. The number 2 service is Emusic, which I believe has a lot of untapped potential. I like the site and I love that the songs do not have any digital rights management (DRM). The catalog of music is impressive, but the site is about 90% where it needs to […]

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Barenaked Ladies successfully stick it to the recording industry

24. October 2006


The Barenaked Ladies are offering their latest album, “Barenaked Ladies Are Me,” as a download from their website without digital rights managment. All audio downloads are available in the popular MP3 format, encoded at 196kbps. Some audio has also been made available in FLAC file format, which is a lossless format. The files are not […]

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Advertising-based downloads to fight digital piracy?

18. October 2006


The dilemma facing any owner of copyrighted works continues to be how to compete with online piracy, mainly torrent sites that offer online versions of books, music, and videos. The usual response is some sort of digital rights managment, which is frustrating for the user and actually provides little protection against piracy. Fairplay implemented by […]

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Network2.TV: a new network television “station?”

16. October 2006

3 Comments is an internet video aggregator, attempting to be the next network television “station.” This website is like a compiled TV guide to Web-only, independently produced episodic video shows.

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New DRM on a Shelf Near You: Protect DVD-Video

10. October 2006


One of the main advantages of a media center or HTPC is the ability to rip DVDs and store them on a hard drive to access through a slick user interface. For some reason, this really bugs the movie industry. There is so much potential in media centers and home theater computers, yet Big Content […]

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