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OQO and a USB Tuner: A portable HD digital video recorder?

30. January 2007


At the this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, OQO model 02 demonstrated their new model 02, which is a micro-PC capable of supporting Microsoft’s next generation operating system, Windows Vista. The model 02, which is less than 6 inches wide and 1 inch thick, has the following features: 1.2GHz or a 1.5GHz VIA C7M ULV processor […]

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Is Microsoft relying on DRM cracks and piracy to sell media centers?

29. January 2007


Microsoft has its sights set on your living room with the release of Vista, the latest version of Windows. High definition programming is the wave of the future, and Vista’s media center offers support for the next generation of DVDs, HD-DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and cable high defintion channels through CableCard. In order to ensure […]

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Windows Media Center SportsLounge heading in the right direction

21. January 2007


Home theater computers and media centers are beginning to scrape the surface of their potential, beyond just storing digital media. HTPCs have the ability to merge sports statistics and live TV, a simple yet revolutionary idea. Fantasy football could be a driving force in the adoption of media centers and home theater computers (HTPCs). Most […]

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Can Microsoft’s Windows Home Server and Digital Cable Tuners coexist?

16. January 2007


Windows Home Server is an upcoming operating system from Microsoft, and appears to be an important cog in Redmond’s attempt to dominate your living room. With features aimed at the home user, WHS could be an interesting addition to the “digital” home. From Microsoft’s Press release: Delivered on hardware from leading partners, Windows Home Server […]

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Snapstream updating Beyond TV for Vista compatibility

13. January 2007


Snapstream is currently working on updating BeyondTV (which is a program that lets you watch HDTV on your computer) to be fully Vista compatible with Beyond TV 4.6, testing. Currently in beta, the updates will extend beyond just Vista comptability with bug fixes of FSGUI cpu spikes, static/video distortion/audio distortion at the beginning of recordings, […]

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Auzentech to support OpenAL in Microsoft’s Vista

8. January 2007


Unlike Windows XP, Microsoft’s Vista will not include DirectSound hardware acceleration. DirectSound and DirectSound3D will still function; however, they will no longer use hardware acceleration. Vista’s audio stack completely removes support for hardware accelerated audio. Microsoft intended to include extensions capability to the Vista audio stack that would allow manufacturers to provide support for hardware […]

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5. January 2007


I am in the market to purchase a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. Like any self-proclaimed nerd, I looked to the internet to find the best deal avaliable. I googled the name of the camera and saw a sponsored link for They had a phenomenal price for the camera at $399. This was almost $300 […]

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Alienware: Dell’s media center store?

4. January 2007

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Alienware, purchased by Dell in 2006, is known for its distinctive computer design for the gaming crowd. In October 2006, the company announced a unique intepretation of the media center PC, called the DHS A. This latest offering to Alienware’s media center line-up is stylish and is sure to attract lots of attention at this […]

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Who is to blame for HDTV’s consumer confusion?

3. January 2007


I have a co-worker who purchased a HDTV for several thousand dollars but was not actually watching high definition programming. She and her husband were uncertain about how to get HD programming and they did not want to pay the extra monthly fee from their cable provider. Surprisingly, this anecdote is representative of a wider […]

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