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Fox Sports offers college football bowl games for download

29. December 2006


Are you going to miss your favorite college football team’s BCS bowl game? Do you want to savor the victory at your own leisure? FOX Sports might just have the thing for you. I came across this press release from Fox Sports (via PVRwire): FOX Sports today announced that, for the first time ever, full-length […]

Continue reading... expands media center offerings to high-end systems

27. December 2006


My ideal media center is an open source system, without any remnance of digital rights management. I try and keep aware of the latest open source options, even if I am currently not using such a system. I have been meaning to build my own Ubuntu system but other things just keep eating all of […]

Continue reading... enters digital music fray with mp3 only store

23. December 2006

2 Comments has decided to enter the world of digital music downloads. I am not entirely sure why they want to do this but I guess one more player in an already fragmented market is not a big deal. I think Amazon is a good place to buy CDs from so maybe this new foray will […]

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NBC’s ‘Office’ prank call: Have Dwight call a friend

20. December 2006


Update: NBC has closed the Dwight Scrute prank call website. I recently have become a big fan of NBC’s The Office. I got a good laugh yesterday when I got a prank call from Dwight Schrute, the over-zealous salesman at Dunder Mifflin. The call lasted about a minute while I was berated by Dwight for […]

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8 features to make media centers mainstream

19. December 2006


Media centers have yet to make it into the mainstream consciousness and seriously into the living room. Tivo and DVRs have certainly made an impact, showing the potential of a media center. With music, photos, and movies becoming digital, media center PCs, also known as HTPCs, are on the cusp of being a prominent part […]

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Vista HTPC with CableCard: What does it really get you?

12. December 2006


The main new feature of Windows Vista Media Center is the addition of CableCARD support. By using CableCARD, you will be able to view high definition television through your computer. Recently, I have been using an indoor antenna to receive high definition broadcast television on my Dell 24″ widescreen monitor. With my indoor antenna, I […]

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Windows Vista Premium is the choice for HTPCs

9. December 2006

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Lots of websites have been talking about Extremetech’s breakdown of the 25 versions of Microsoft’s Vista. So which version is right for the HTPC community? It appears that Home Premium will be the version of choice for most home media centers. For $239, Windows Vista Home Premium offers most needed tools for HTPCs, primarily Windows […]

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IPod Tuneview remote wirelessly controls music with LCD screen

7. December 2006


TuneView for iPod provides a new wireless way to manage your music throughout your house or office. TuneView for iPod consists of a universal iPod dock, 2-way RF remote with color LCD screen, a USB power adapter, audio and USB cables, and selected dock adapters. According to the Tuneview website, these components allow you to: […]

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HD DVD Managed Copy is key to Vista’s Media Center

2. December 2006


Microsoft’s Vista is an important step in the evolution of the media center and the home theater computer since it will support CableCARD and HD DVD’s ‘Managed Copy.’ I have discussed Vista’s CableCARD implementation alot on this site but have not talked at all about HD DVD support. So exactly what is ‘Managed Copy?’ Currently, […]

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