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OTTO Wireless MP3 Headset Player

3. November 2007


Two things I hate about exercising with my current mp3 player is how the cable from the player to my earbuds is constantly bouncing around and how sweaty my mp3 player gets when I hold it with my hands. With this in mind, OTTO developed its Wireless MP3 Player Headset. The unique concept behind the […]

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Web TV Week in Review

15. June 2007


Sometime I think I focus too much on CableCards and Vista Media Center. So, I have decided to start doing a weekly round-up of stories, videos, and blog posts that I find interesting. Every week I plan on highlighting not only news stories involving digital media but also cool things to watch online. This week’s […]

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Review: Rocketfish’s Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit

12. June 2007


Home theater surround sound systems are a great way to enhance watching movies and television at home. The only drawback to such a system is the mess of wires connecting the rear speakers to the AV receiver. For the hardcore audiophile, this means fishing wires through existing walls. Not everyone can be so adventurous though. […]

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Review: Rocketfish Twister Mouse

8. June 2007

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I recently tested Rocketfish’s Twister Mouse, a compact laptop mouse. Rocketfish, for those of you that do not know, is Best Buy’s in-house brand. I used the mouse for two days at work, logging over 20 hours of use. In general, I liked the mouse, especially when traveling. Here are a list of features from […]

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