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Auzentech Driver Update | Improved Support for Dolby Digital Live

30. April 2008

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This week, Auzentech updated their X-FI Prelude drivers for improved Dolby Digital Live support. Why is this important? This proves that Auzentech is a company that is willing to increase the performance of their product through timely release of driver updates, something Creative is notoriously bad at doing. While somewhat pricey, the X-Fi Prelude appears […]

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Sony | Refurbished Digital Cable Tuners Now Available

26. April 2008


Sony made a splash in the media center world a couple of months ago being the first OEM to sell individual digital cable tuners, which are used to watch HD programming on premium cable channels. While you still need to have a computer with the special version of Vista that supported digital cable tuners, Sony […]

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THX Display Set-up Guide | How Big a TV Should You Buy?

17. April 2008


Bigger is better, right? People buying shiny new TVs always struggle as to how big a TV you should buy. With the prices of HDTVs falling, people can afford to buy bigger and bigger TVs. To help everyone find the right size TV, THX has developed a quick process for calculating the optimum viewing distance […]

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Rip Blu-ray Movies 3 Ways

13. April 2008


So you want to rip Blu-ray movies to a hard drive? Good news! You can rip Blu-ray movies even though they have a ton of content protection that make watching them on a computer difficult, which is especially frustrating for people who simply want to watch their own movies.

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PowerDVD 8 Ultra now supports Dolby TrueHD

2. April 2008


Cyberlink has announced the release of PowerDVD 8 Ultra, which is the only viable option right now to watch Blu-ray (or HD-DVDs) on a computer since Windows XP or Vista does not have a native ability to play Blu-ray movies. PowerDVD Ultra has been a maturing piece of software. Version 7 lacked HD audio codecs […]

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