Rip HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs to a hard drive

Wed, Jun 20, 2007

HD-DVD/Blu-Ray, Vista Media Center

The goal of any media center user should be to store as much content as possible digitally. The release of the next generation of DVDs, known as HD-DVD or Blu-ray, was supposed to allow a “legal” way to copy your movies to a hard drive (referred as Managed Copy). Managed Copy is not expected to be included in Vista Media Center until the next release of the media center software, most likely in the fall of 2008. That is a long way away.Without Managed Copy, how is someone supposed to store the movies they own on a hard drive? Here are two legally questionable products that can rip a HD-DVD or Blu-ray and remove the content protection.

1. AnyDVD HD- This software appears to be the most popular right now. It costs $79 to buy and requires the use of CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra . The 21-day free trial will let you test it out.

2. DVDFab HD Decrypter- This free software works almost the same as AnyDVD HD. Since it is free, it might be worth trying it out first. This software also requires CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra . | Digg it | reddit | StumbleUpon |

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    11 Comments For This Post

    1. davis freeberg Says:

      I thought that the appeal of the high def discs was that you could fit a lot of content onto one disc. What would be even cooler, is if you could burn an entire season of CSI, all to one disc. Instead of having to save things on your hard drive, you could store a month’s worth of television on a small disc.

    2. Kevin Says:

      They run about 30-50 GBs. An hour of HD is about 8 GB.

      Not sure if you can fit a whole season of CSI. By ripping it, you could move it around your house as well.

    3. derreck Says:

      Can my standard dvd rom drive rip High Def DVD’s? Then can I access them and play them on the Dlink media lounge on my HDTV?

    4. Kevin Says:


      No, you need a HD-DVD or Blu-ray drive.

    5. darya Says:

      for those of you interested, i can’t get the free version of dvdfab hd decrypter 4 to recognize/rip blu-ray. and their website hasn’t convinced me it will be better if i buy it. confusing.

    6. tim Says:

      You can get a 500 GIG external drive on for $150.

      With 500 GIGS you can store like 20 BLU-RAY movies, which isn’t bad.

      Then, you get a $40 / month membership at netflix (the expensive one where you can get 6 BLURAYS at a time through the mail),

      and keep renting and buying external harddrives whenever you might need one.

      — just a thought, my system was just put in place this weekend… so hopefully it works.

    7. tim Says:

      … anyone know how to rip blu-rays onto your computer?

      i’ve downloaded: “anydvd” and “clonedv”, but can’t really figure out how to get them to work.

      if anyone’s got any suggestions,

      let me know…


    8. Sam Says:

      I used this software and can say that the program has simple exploitation – everything works quickly, without any headache ))) easy base which helps in such processes like ripping or burning.
      Blu-Ray & DVD Decrypter – the real thing and everybody must have it!

    9. larry Says:

      I find that all my so called copies to hard drive do not allow me to select language and they all play other than english. I have used anydvd hd and a few other products with the same result. the movie comes out good but no menu selection for language. so…..

    10. Daniel Saunders Says:

      Thanks for the guide. QUite a few of my precious dvd are getting scratched, so time to make some backups!

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