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Network area storage for media centers

25. February 2007


The lure of media centers is having all of your movies, music, and pictures on your computer’s hard drive and have them available throughout your house. With the impending increase in the availability of high definition content, hard disk space is becoming a significant bottleneck in the overall performance of HTPCs and media centers. High […]

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Beyond TV 4.6 released with improved Vista and Divx support

17. February 2007

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Snapstream has released the latest version 4.6 of Beyond TV, its popular television recording software. I use Beyond TV on my Windows XP computer to record over the air high definition TV, and in my opinion, it is the best DVR software outside of Windows Media Center. According to Snapstream’s release notes, the following new […]

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OQO responds to inquiry about HD Media Center potential

15. February 2007


A couple of weeks ago I talked about the OQO Model 2, a micro-PC capable of supporting Microsoft’s Vista Ultimate. The Model 2 is loaded with features like a USB 2.0 port and a HDMI-out. These features got me excited about the potential of the Model 2 as a HD Tivo since Window’s Media Center […]

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Roundup: Tips to receive HDTV broadcasts over-the-air on a PC or HDTV

14. February 2007


Most people assume you need either cable or DirecTV to get high definition television channels. In every major city in the U.S., the major television networks broadcast in high definition (1080i or 720p). Reception of this high definition signal is free and requires two things: an ASTC HD tuner and an antenna. A tuner can […]

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Auzentech releases Vista drivers for X-Meridian

9. February 2007


Auzentech makes soundcards with features aimed at the home theater computer market. Auzentech’s newest soundcard, called the X-Meridian, is based on C-Media’s new Oxygen HD audio chip, which includes the ability to encode Dolby Digital Live and DTS, allowing it to produce multi-channel digital output via a single S/PDIF connection rather than a mess of […]

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New Episodes of Daybreak at

7. February 2007

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Daybreak, ABC’s canceled serial drama with Taye Diggs, has resurfaced at with new episodes every Monday. Daybreak, originally planned as 13 episodes, stepped into the time-slot left vacant by “Lost” when that popular show went on hiatus. Following in a recent trend of streaming episodes of cancelled television series online, ABC started streaming unaired […]

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Picture Frame Antenna for High Definition Televisions

4. February 2007


With an antenna and an ATSC tuner, receiving high definition (HD) over the air is free and is perfect for watching primetime television and sporting events, especially since most sporting events are broadcast in HD. If you have a HDTV, there is no need to pay for cable when you can get crystal-clear reception of […]

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Windows Home Server Team starts a blog

3. February 2007

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Todd Hedrick, the project planner for Windows Home Server, launched a blog this week. From the blog: The Windows Home Server team is eager to share news, insights and information about our product. And we’re equally eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. This blog will include contributions from the product management team, development team, […]

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This CableCard reader is uglier than my cable box!

1. February 2007


I am confused. The purpose of a CableCard reader is to allow people to record high definition television. In theory, if I have a CableCard reader, I do not need a cable box. So why would I want an external CableCard reader that attaches to my computer? Let me get this straight: to replace my […]

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