How CableLabs will certify Vista’s Media Center for HDTV

Sun, Nov 19, 2006

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To watch HDTV from you cable company with a Mircosoft Vista Media Center box, you will be stuck with a CableCard. The lure of using a CableCard is HDTV from your local cable company fed right into your media center. In order to to use a CableCard in Microsoft’s Vista Media Center, CableLabs will have to certify some portion of the PC though it is still unclear what the exact process will be for the OEMs. Speculation ranges that certification will be required for the entire PC to certification just for ATI’s Ocur CableCard reader.

In order for an OEM to ship a PC with CableCARD support, they will need to be actual OEM Partners with Microsoft. So much for the DIY community.

Chris Lanier has a brief overview of the controversy surrounding CableLabs certification on his blog. From his site:

So, after our year of waiting and some less then great quotes from the people leading the teams there isnt a PC certification process (Yay!). However, you still cant build your own PC with CableCARD support and its not likely you will ever be able too.

The idea of getting a whole PC certified by CableLabs seems silly and totally unnecessary. | Digg it | reddit | StumbleUpon |

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    1. Tom Says:


      I cancelled my cable service this morning and am having a satellite dish installed. While this does not immediately remedy my situation, I am not going to support the cable industry until CableLabs changes its policy on CableCard PC “certification”.

      The small media center OEM’s should get a class action lawsuit going to sue cablelabs for snuffing them out. This beauracracy is only preventing fair competition…small guys don’t have the $$$$ to certify their systems and sell cablecard solutions to their customers…totally making them obsolete in the HD era and directly effecting their revenues, probably causing them to be unable to compete. This elitist decision is criminal…Write your representatives also.

      Complete Travesty…CableLabs should be sued…

    2. Babak Says:

      The Cablecard Consortium is a a monopoly, this is about class action lawsuit and petition to the FCC against this company and its control over how we watch TV and use our media centers to do so.

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